Fact Finders: Why do you need a permit to board up a home in Springfield, Mo.?

The permit will set you back $200 every 6 months
Published: Apr. 28, 2021 at 10:11 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - A Springfield, Mo. resident has a question for Fact Finders on boarded up homes. Do you need a permit in Springfield to board up a home? The answer is -- Yes.

There are several reasons. The primary one is safety. If a fire happened at a home, the city wants to make sure it’s properly secured. Plywood nailed over a door or window can be pried open. Properly boarding up a building involves securing the windows and doors from the inside. Making it much tougher to break-in.

Another reason for the permit, when you put boards up when a window breaks it can lead to a blighted neighborhood.

“What we would want them to do is repair the building. Ideally, if they have a broken door or window we would like to have it repaired It’s our goal that all properties be put back into full service,” says The Director of Springfield Building Development Services Dwayne Shmel. “We don’t want boarded up buildings. We don’t want buildings with windows and doors covered in plywood. We want the buildings to be restored and occupied.”

The city says it wants to work with property owners to secure, repair, and restore buildings.

It is pretty rare to get a ‘Board Up Building’ permit. The city issued just 26 in 2020. That permit will cost you $200 every six months.

If you have a unique situation, you should call the city at (417) 864-1059 to see if you even need a permit. You can also email by following this link: Springfield Building Development Services

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