Neighbors react after suspect shoots man, then gets shot in Stone County officer-involved shooting

Published: May. 6, 2021 at 10:23 PM CDT|Updated: May. 6, 2021 at 10:43 PM CDT
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STONE COUNTY, Mo. (KY3) - A man is now charged in after two shootings in Stone County, including one round of gunfire that involved a Stone County deputy.

Michael Cody is accused in a shooting and high-speed chase that ended in Branson West, and he now faces multiple felonies. He’s accused of shooting a man, taking off with his vehicle, then trying to run from deputies.

Many in the Stone County area still have unanswered questions, especially neighbors of the first man who was shot.

Neighbors say the first man shot in the investigation is recovering. Still, they are still shocked that such an incident happened in a small town.

“Nothing like that has ever happened,” neighbor Tonia Mansell said. “I mean it’s kind of like serious, you know? It makes you wonder, anything can happen anywhere at any time. It makes you think.”

On Monday, the Stone County Sheriff says deputies responded to a 911 call where a man had been shot and his car stolen.

Court records show the man later identified the shooter as Michael Cody. He said Cody first just asked for a ride. The man said yes, but Cody then said he just wanted his car, which is when the first shot rang out.

“It freaked us out, yeah, cause we stepped outside... I stepped out this way and I look right there and there’s like blood and a white t-shirt,” Mansell said. “And it happened right out there, daylight. I mean usually crimes happen at night. It’s shocking, it’s like right there.”

She said she is still shaken that her next door neighbor was shot outside her door.

“It’s like, yeah, kind of scary you know, kind of nerve-racking,” Mansell said.

Not long after the shooting campers at a nearby RV park spotted Cody and the stolen car.

Those on the campground said the same crime started to unfold with one of their neighbors as well.

”He says no, I want your keys to your car,” Jim Ballew described. “And the gentleman told him, you’re not getting them. That’s when he showed his gun. And the gentleman told him, ‘you need to get out of here.’ And he slammed the door on him.”

Campers are thankful that incident did not end much worse, but still wonder why their site was targeted.

”We were actually shocked that it took place in our area cause you don’t really expect anything like that to happen,” Ballew said.

Records show after Cody left the park, deputies chased him to Branson West.

Nearby shoppers told us on Monday the whole thing took them by complete surprise.

”I hear brakes squealing and then a crash,” witness Julie Patterson said. “Everybody kind of just froze, especially when we heard the accident happen, the wreck. And then when the shot was fired, I don’t think anybody moved at all.”

The sheriff’s office says Cody pointed a gun at a deputy at the end of the chase, moments later the deputy fired a shot, hitting Cody in the stomach.

”My heart was racing a mile a minute,” Patterson said. “You know, I’m not used to seeing something like that. I’ve never experienced something like that in real life.”

Cody is still in the hospital, while the deputy is on administrative leave.

Neighbors of the man who was shot say he is still in the hospital, but has improved and hopes to be back home soon.

Missouri State Highway Patrol is investigating the officer-involved shooting.

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