Springfield-area builders believe lumber hasn’t hit peak prices

Updated: May. 10, 2021 at 5:50 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - National Association of Home Builders says lumber prices have gone up 130% since the pandemic began.

Prices have risen so high many are shying away from completing projects.

“Lumber prices have definitely been a hot topic of discussion at the home show this weekend and honestly probably for about a year,” Dori Grinder, the Associate Officer of the Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield says.

Over the weekend, the HBA had its annual show. Grinder says it’s a great time to think of what you do want.

“It’s the time to plan and dream and if you’re years out keep planning,” she says.

Both prices and demand are very high so getting your next project done is going to cost you and you’re going to wait.

“It can take longer than normal,” Kenny Revoir with C & L Builders says. “We’re not looking at a six-month lead time. We are looking at an eight-to-ten month lead time sometimes. It’s just patience.”

Some think we may not have reached the peak of pricing either.

“The demand is there and I’m unsure if it’s going to go down or not,” Jacob Simon from Simon Flooring Specialist adds. “Why would they make it cheaper if people are still paying for it?”

So if you decide to beat the possible rise they say being strategic is important:

1. You might need to just go with what is available. Be flexible with sizing and materials. If you need to get a project done now, experts say you will have to make some sacrifices with building material quality.

2. Plan so there are no materials left behind. The things you don’t use will work for future projects as well.

3. Consider using recycled wood if it’s available. This would depend on what you are building, but recycled wood works great for a backyard shed.

4. Consider using other materials altogether. Maybe use rocks for your flowerbed instead of wood.

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