Moms and Money: The Museum at the Gateway Arch

Kids can get hands on with history at the Museum at the Gateway Arch.
Updated: May. 12, 2021 at 11:08 AM CDT
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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KY3) It’s one of the most recognizable monuments in the United States, the Gateway Arch. It stands 630 feet in the heart of St. Louis.

“When people come to the Arch, a lot of them don’t realize that a museum is even a part of it but the museum was a part of the original plans for the Jefferson Memorial” said Ranger Barb Michel.

Built in 1963, 2.5 million people visit the Arch each year, with plenty of reasons to keep coming back.

“The museum was completely redone a few years ago, it reopened in 2018″ said Michel.

There are six different galleries inside the museum, detailing different periods in St. Louis’ history.

“We go on to the river front era when St. Louis was a very big bustling community and Westward Expansion continued as trains became more popular, for better or for worse” said Michel.

Michel says this museum has a lot to offer a wide range of ages.

“The old museum was done in the 1970′s. That one did have some really amazing artifacts but they were all just to be looked at not touched and this is a lot more interactive. We also have computer touch screens and displays so people can kind of make their own path with learning. I like that the information in this museum is not overwhelming but meant to spark curiosity and allow you to continue learning at home” said Michel.

The museum is free to the public. If you can’t make it to St. Louis, you can check out their website here for live webcams, story time videos on landmarks and legend and even printable coloring sheets.

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