Landslide washes away large portion of Camden County, Mo. road near home

Updated: May. 19, 2021 at 10:14 PM CDT
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CAMDEN COUNTY, Mo. (KY3) - A massive landslide wiped out a chunk of roadway in Camden County, leaving some neighbors on edge.

John and Suzette Craig woke up to a sudden knock on the door, only to find part of their driveway hanging.

”[He] came over and let us know that the road had collapsed and our driveway was gone,” John Craig said. “So that was something to wake up to.”

The couple’s home now sits next to a bit more of a slope than they are used to. They did not think much of it at first, maybe just an exaggeration.

”He showed me a picture and I thought, ‘oh no big deal’ until I got up there and actually saw it,” Suzette Craig said. “The picture did no justice for it.”

A post that used to mark the edge of their driveway now sits in the crater below.

”It was pretty amazing that the road would just disappear,” Suzette said.

Fortunately it all happened not any closer to the home.

“Just thankful for the fact that if it’s going to be a landslide it wasn’t us going into the lake,” John laughed. “We’re happy about that.”

Since neighbors first walked out to it in the morning, they said it spread pretty consistently. Rocks continued to fall and trees even started snapping.

Workers said it will likely spread, and possibly take out that whole portion of the road. As for the Craig’s, they just want to make sure it does not get any closer to their house.

”I mean obviously we have a lot of concerns about our home and what this might do to the foundation,” John said. “We were thankful that no one was on the road when it collapsed.”

The Craig’s and others also worry about how long repairs could take. Right now there is no estimated timeline yet.

”There won’t be anybody driving by our house anymore,” John laughed. “The county has opened up a different portion of a road that they’re able to use right now.”

On top of plummeting rocks and snapping trees, the nearby sewage treatment plant is another concern. It sits just a few yards away. Those crews and utility providers have already been out to inspect the site and figure out next steps.

The Camden County Road and Bridge Department said it will have engineers out there on Thursday to start piecing together a plan and look into the cause.

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