Richland (Mo.) Police Department gets new makeover using CARES ACT funding

Updated: Jun. 10, 2021 at 5:00 PM CDT
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RICHLAND, Mo. (KY3) -CARES Act money is supposed to go to counties in the country in order to help relieve some of the financial cost of the pandemic. In Pulaski County, commissioners are using the money to build a new police department in Richland.

″Richland’s Police Department is a very small building that was basically two block garages when they made it,” said Gene Newkirk Pulaski County Commissioner.

The Pulaski County Commission unanimously approved the new police station earlier this week.

”We basically told them come up with a plan send it to us with what you were wanting & what you are needing,” said Newkirk. “We went through it two or three times and said this is good this is good this is not good.”

The plan needed to make sure it had updates that would fall into the criteria for CARES Act funding. This means it needed to be better at trying to prevent the spread of COVID_19.

″The open floor plan and the open space will just be more conducive to social distancing and covid-19, said Chief Jamie Solis, Chief of Police for Richland.

The chief thinks this new police department will be better for everyone.

“I think the way it is going to be laid out will be conducive for police operations,” said Chief Solis, “It’ll be better for everyone.”

Commissioner Newkirk says the CARES Act funding is supposed to help the people of Pulaski County.

”Help them get through the pandemic, and the way it is stated is if you can meet the criteria, we can fund it and give you money,” said Newkirk.

There is no word on when construction will be starting.

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