CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Thieves attempt break-in, steal catalytic converters from Miller, Mo. man

Updated: Jun. 11, 2021 at 5:25 PM CDT
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MILLER, Mo. (KY3) - A Miller, Missouri man recently caught thieves on camera stealing catalytic converters outside of his home, spurring his household’s fight for swift justice.

You may not recognize Damon Robison, but almost a week ago, he was attending an event in Branson when he spotted two missing teens from Forsyth.

Now, Robison is looking for two individuals again, but under different circumstances.

“I went rather quickly here to see what was going on,” said Robison.

Utilizing his security cameras, Robison saw what appears to be two individuals at his property. Salvaging for parts, they arrived in a white car.

“I realized a bunch of catalytic converters had been stolen. They’d been here a lot longer than I thought, coming and going sporadically,” said Robison.

Robisons neighbors, like Linda Wilson, say such occurrences are easy to spot, because they don’t get a lot of traffic that comes down their road.

“We all know each other, everybody goes by and waves. So we all know who’s friendly and know each other’s vehicles,” said Wilson.

And the white car is one that many in the area are not familiar with. “That’s not a car that’s normally here,” said Wilson.

As for Robison, he took matters into his own hands. Chasing down the suspects as he saw them fleeing his property.

“When I came back, that’s when I saw their tail lights,” said Robison.

After dialing 911 and following the two people fleeing the scene, he was met with conflict.

“The passenger, the thin one, leaned backwards out of the passenger window and pointed a gun at me,” said Robison.

Following the incident, Robison said he’s now just worried about making sure it doesn’t happen to someone else.

“If you have information call the Lawrence County Sheriff immediately. We’d really appreciate it, our neighborhood would appreciate it. We just need to catch these guys,” Robison said.

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