Mud, debris pushes back opening day for pool in Pierce City, Mo.

Updated: Jun. 14, 2021 at 5:45 PM CDT
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PIERCE CITY, Mo. (KY3) - Despite the start of summer a week away, the city pool in Pierce City remains closed. A recent flood caused a nearby creek and pond to rise filling the pool with mud and debris.

Five-year-old Preston Walker and his seven-year-old sister Ashlyn said they enjoy fishing, baseball, and swimming.

“I was pretty devastated because we just had it all cleaned out and ready to go, then it was worse than before. So I was a little devastated,” said City Works Supervisor Justin Noone.

Crews had to shovel three feet of mud and debris out of the pool.

“So what we did was we hosed everything down to the deep end. We started pumping and then we let it dry and take the shovels to the side and put it in trash cans and then have a tractor lift the trash cans out of here because you couldn’t lift it. It was that heavy,” said Noone.

But it wasn’t just mud and water they had to clean.

“We found maybe about 70 fish, pretty good-sized ones too, a couple of turtles even a snake. It’s kinda sketchy getting down in there without knowing what’s in there, especially after finding that snake cause I’m terrified of snakes,” said Noone.

City officials say that flooding like this has never happened. Once the pool is cleaned out, it needs to be painted and sealed before water and chemicals can be added. The opening day is set for July 4.

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