On Your Side: Fair Grove, Mo. customer one of thousands demanding recall for some Samsung refrigerators

Updated: Jun. 14, 2021 at 6:07 PM CDT
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FAIR GROVE, Mo. (KY3) -Thousands of people who own certain models of Samsung refrigerators say the expensive appliances are not working right. One of those people, a customer in Fair Grove, says she has tried about everything to get a refund.

“Unless you have a spare refrigerator, you’re kind of out of luck,” said Susan Cargill.

She says she cannot use more than half of her french door fridge space.

“I don’t try to keep leftovers anymore. That’s rough,” she said.

The display shows a safe temp, 38 degrees. A thermometer she put inside reads 56 degrees.

There’s ice buildup in the back.

“What’s happening is it’s freezing up back here behind that panel. It gets hot in there. It start melting. It runs down and gets underneath these drawers. There’s constantly water under the drawers,” said Cargill.

It leaks on the floor.

“There’s a bubbled up place where it did damage,” she said.

There’s a Facebook group with sixty-three thousand members called, Samsung Refrigerator Recall. It’s a place where customers share similar stories.

There’s a class action lawsuit filed in 2017. It claims ‘Samsung has known of the defects’. ‘And should have been aware of the large number of similar repeat complaints’. This case is pending.

“Some people have been fighting for years,” said Cargill.

Cargill reached out to Samsung and was told her 2012 fridge is out of warranty.

She filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Samsung offered a free repair, but only for the icemaker. The company would not cover the freezing behind the back panel and leaking water saying again it’s out of warranty.

On Your Side reached out to Samsung. A spokesperson would not agree to an interview, but sent this statement.

“We stand behind all of our products, including our refrigerators, and want to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. We have worked directly with Ms. Cargill to understand her experience, offered repair options to help address her concerns, and will continue to explore additional ways to help once we are able to examine her unit in-person. Each customer’s situation is unique and we encourage anyone with a question about a product to contact us directly.”

In that Facebook group some customers say and show they got their money back.

“They don’t make it easy. They make it really hard and hope that people will go away,” said Cargill.

Cargill says she’s determined to get a refund and will keep fighting.

If you’re upset with a large appliance, first talk with the company. If you’re not satisfied, file complaints. Then tell On Your Side.

If you have this same issue, Samsung asks you to call at 1-800-Samsung or message on Facebook @SamsungSupport.

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