Family of Visioncon fixture remember his legacy after losing him to COVID-19

‘He really loved people and loved helping other people’
Updated: Jun. 15, 2021 at 9:52 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - The family of a Greene County man remembered for his roll in Visioncon, a Comic Con-style convention held in Springfield and Branson over the last several decades, said he touched the lives of many throughout his lifetime.

Local health leaders say they are continuing to see younger COVID-19 cases, and hospitalizations lately. One of those was 31-year-old Brandon Shane, who recently lost his fight with the virus.

Shane had been involved with the convention for 15 years or so, but eventually went on to lead it.

After passing away just a few weeks ago, his family learned just how much of an impact he really had on people across Southwest Missouri and other parts of the country.

“We sat through the visitation the other night, and probably a little over 500 people came through to pay their respects to a young man who they give credit for changing the Sci-Fi community here in Southwest Missouri,” Shane’s father Phillip Shane said.

His parents said Shane had a passion for Sci-Fi, film, games and just about everything in between. And during his lifetime, he spread that passion with others.

”He was a people person,” Shane’s mother Valerie Shane said. “He really loved people and loved helping other people.”

His mom, dad and sister said his devotion stretched to serving others. The conventions even raised money for charities.

”As long as you were passionate about something, he would be passionate back with you,” Phillip Shane said. “They didn’t do it for raising money for themselves. It was always giving back to charity, whether it was ‘Care to Learn’ or ‘Habitat for Humanity.’ Each year they picked somebody to be a part of what they were doing to return to the community.”

“He made sure everybody was included,” Shane’s sister Erica Shane added.

But just a few weeks ago, Shane got sick. He had COVID-19, which progressed much faster than he or family could have expected.

”It came quick. It hit quick and he declined rapidly,” his parents said. “He was in the hospital just three days and he was gone.”

His family says they are grateful for everything doctors and nurses did to help. They said they are also especially grateful they had the chance to be with him in his final moments, something many could not experience throughout the pandemic.

”He would just continually look out for us,” his father said. “Even the last words he said to his mom, ‘I’m going to be better. It’ll be okay. Don’t worry.’ ”

As a kid, Shane had pneumonia and bronchitis. Family are not sure if that impacted the progression of the disease, but they said they do not want him to be remembered by COVID. Instead, they hope people will remember him for his passion and devotion to others.

When asked about the Batman shirts his parents wore during the interview, Shane’s father said, “[They are to] remember him. He was buried in his Batman shirt and his khaki shorts because that’s what people saw.”

So far, 434 people have died from COVID-19 in Greene county. KY3′s thoughts go out to Brandon Shane’s family and everyone who lost a loved on in this pandemic.

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