Nixa, Mo. intersection is a crash hotspot

There are already more injuries in 2021 compared to 2020 at the Aldersgate and U.S. 160 intersection even after an attempt to make it safer.
Updated: Jun. 21, 2021 at 2:53 PM CDT
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NIXA, Mo. (KY3) - Police report seven crashes with 12 injuries so far in 2021 at the intersection at Aldersgate and U.S. 160 in Nixa near the Walmart.

MoDOT attempted to make the intersection “more smoother” by adding a flashing yellow left turn light last summer. This year already, the city reports more injuries at the intersection compared to last year.

According to data released by the Nixa Police Department, there have already been 12 injuries in 2021 compared to three injuries for all of last year, which is quite the jump.

“We look into what the police report says for each crash and what the officers found as they were completing their reports on each crash,” said Drew Douglas Nixa’s Communications director.

A trend throughout multiple police reports at the intersection states the driver “did not see on coming traffic.”

“Within the intersection that involved yellow turn signals, the driver that caused the accident said, I did not see the car come, I did not look onto oncoming traffic, before turning out in front of them,” said Douglas.

According to a records request, For the entire year of 2020:

Total at Intersection Crashes: 9

Non-Injury Crash: 7

Injury Crash: 2

Number of occupants injured: 3

For 2021 (01-01-21 to 06-15-2021)

Total at Intersection Crashes: 7

Non-Injury Crash: 2

Injury Crash: 5

Number of occupants injured: 12

We are halfway through 2021 and already are two crashes away from the total number of last year’s and have nine more injuries compared to last year. According to the city of Nixa, most of the accidents in 2021 are due to distracted driving based on police reports.

Douglas wants to encourage drivers to be aware and to practice defensive driving.

“You need to be careful and judge the speed of the cars that are coming in,” said Douglas. “The yellow flashing turn does not mean that you can go because it’s not green. What it means is you can go if it’s clear if it’s safe.”

We asked city leaders if they were going to do anything to make the intersection safer based on the data or if they would get in contact with MoDOT

“MoDOT has the traffic engineers and they decide and understand and study what’s safe and what’s not safe and they make those decisions. We do not make those decisions, we just have our police enforce the laws that exist. We reserve and we respond to accidents that occur,” said Douglas.

One local Nixa resident says he urges people to just be considerate of one another and to not drive distracted.

“I think that if people are following the proper following distance behind each car it would eliminate a lot of problems. I hardly see anyone falling two seconds behind the people in front of them,” said Nixa resident Rodney Ford.

We reached out to MoDOT, asking if they are going to do anything further to the intersection to make it safe, based on the recent data. MoDOT officials have not responded.

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