Webster County man accused of killing wife & storing body in freezer asks prosecutor for plea deal

Updated: Jun. 21, 2021 at 4:13 PM CDT
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MARSHFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - A Webster County man accused of stuffing his wife’s body in a freezer in a storage unit is asking the prosecutor for a plea deal.

Larry Dinwiddie faces a second-degree murder charge in the death of his wife Cynthia.

In a hearing Monday, lawyers for Dinwiddie asked Webster County Prosecutor Ben Berkstresser for a plea deal. Berkstresser says he is considering the request.

“It still doesn’t really seem real,” says Kertis Legan, Cynthia Dinwiddie’s son.

Reports say her body was found locked in a freezer in an abandoned storage unit back on November 25, 2019 near Marshfield. Deputies arrested Dinwiddie the next day after a sting operation. They say they tricked Dinwiddie to return to the storage unit by asking him to fix the freezer that was not working.

Detectives believe her body was in there for at least four years.

“People are weirded out by what ever happened. Me too,” said Legan.

He says that even after all this time, it’s hard to believe his step-father is capable of killing his mother.

“He’s a decent guy. More patient than most people for sure,” said Legan.

He says that he’s not surprised that Dinwiddie wants a plea deal.

“I think it was probably self-defense. Basically the same thing as you always hear but just role reversed,” he said.

Detectives say this was a case of domestic abuse. Reports say Dinwiddie admitted to killing his wife with a hammer after an argument inside the home in which he claims she assaulted him.

Legan says he’s witnessed the violence..

“He had the ability to do what he did for 20 years and didn’t. It was every day,” he said.

We asked, “The abuse?”

“Yeah. Not sometimes, just every day,” said Legan.

He doesn’t think the situation should have ended with his mother’s death. However, he believes that Dinwiddie deserves a second chance.

“I obviously don’t have hard feelings against him. It would be great if he didn’t spend the rest of his life behind bars,” he said.

Webster County Sheriff Roye Cole says there was never a missing persons case filed for Cynthia Dinwiddie.

If convicted, Dinwiddie faces a life in prison sentence. He returns to court in August.

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