City of Humansville, Mo. evacuates homes for possible gas spill into sewer system

Updated: Jun. 22, 2021 at 11:41 AM CDT
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HUMANSVILLE, Mo. (KY3) - The city of Humansville, Mo. evacuated several homes Tuesday morning after locating a gasoline leak in the sewer system.

Mayor Carl Long says a resident warned utility crews working on a drain culvert around 9:30 a.m. about a smell of gas. Crews investigated, finding the smell was coming from the sewer system.

Crews identified the source of the leak to the Phillip 66 located in the city. Officials from the Department of Natural Resources say readings of the leak were significantly high in the morning. A concentration above 7%-10% is considered combustible, and in some areas readings jumped to 18%. Once the gas stations pumps were shut off, those readings dropped off throughout the day. DNR says it’s continuing to monitor the situation.

Several entities including the Department of Natural Resources and Polk County Emergency Management are in the city working to address the issue. As a precaution, crews evacuated homes in the southern portion of the community. The city has opened its community center to assist them.

“And to know that in an emergency situation by simply picking up the phone we can have the resources available to us, is priceless. We’re grateful and appreciative to all those that have come to help try and figure out what the problem is and get it solved,” said Mayor Long.

With the help of area fire departments, DNR is working to get people back in their homes as soon as possible.

“I’m hopeful those evacuated on the south side of town can return to their homes later this evening,” said Mayor Long. “But we will not go through with that until we get notified that it is all safe.”

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