CoxHealth recommends protecting children ears during firework shows

Updated: Jun. 22, 2021 at 5:15 AM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Before you head out to any fireworks shows in the next couple of weeks, CoxHealth is reminding parents to be cautious with little ones because of the loud noises.

Luke Spain is an injury prevention coordinator at CoxHealth. He says if you’re listening to something that’s higher than 85 decibels, for an hour can cause hearing loss. Spain recommends adults staying 20 to 40 meters away and children stay 50 to 60 meters away.

”If you’re watching fireworks and you notice your ears ringing or you’re starting to feel pain that’s a really good time to take action ahead of time and prevent those injuries from potentially getting a lot worse,” said Spain. “After the show and your ears are ringing a little bit that means you probably just need to take it easy for a little while.”

If you notice your ears ringing for a significant amount of time he said you may want to seek medical attention. The smaller the ear canal the higher the pressure. That’s why wearing noise blocking ear plugs is important. There’s noise blocking headphones like ear muffs or ear plugs for young children or those setting off fireworks. He said you can get headphones like muffs or foam ear plugs at any sporting or department store.

”Repetitive exposures to loud noises, prolonged exposure to loud noises and even just minor exposures to really loud noises things upwards of 150 decibels can all have really serious side effects,” said Spain. “Those side-effects can be really simple like just a buzz of some kind or tone that you’re hearing when it’s quiet or having a little bit more difficulty hearing the person sitting next to you. The next thing you know you’re not really hearing things at all and those symptoms aren’t going away. So they can get pretty serious pretty quickly.”

Even though the Fourth of July is a couple weeks away, both the city of Republic and Willard will be having celebrations with fireworks shows this weekend. Check out more shows HERE.

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