Humane Society of Southwest Missouri provides tips on keeping pets safe from fireworks

Published: Jun. 23, 2021 at 5:39 AM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Every year around the Fourth of July, more pets run away after hearing the loud booms and seeing the bright lights of fireworks.

The Humane Society of Southwest Missouri encourages pet owners to keep their animals inside during firework shows. Katie Newcomb with the shelter said fireworks can send animals into a fight or flight response. Often times leading them to run away. She said keeping your doors locked and gates latched are simple ways to keep them safe. Newcomb recommends your pet to wear an ID tag with their information in case they get lost and to get them micro-chipped.

“If something scares them they’re going to take off running,” said Newcomb. “You know cats, they can be really sneaky. They can find ways out that you wouldn’t have even thought about. I definitely would go in and just check on them every now and then, make sure they’re okay inside even if they’re normally used to be an outside. Go ahead and put them inside just so that they’re safe.”

Newcomb said the shelter reached its capacity. It is asking the community to foster or adopt so there’s room for any strays over the next few weeks.

“With firework shows and everything going on this weekend we’re definitely going to see an influx,” said Newcomb. “We are trying our best to take in as many animals as we can. If people would come out and want to foster for us that just opens up more space here that we can help the public when things like Fourth of July happen and stray animals become even more so more prominent.”

If you come across a stray, Newcomb recommends to get them checked for a microchip or call a shelter or animal control. You can also post about a stray on Leigh’s Lost and Found.

Humane Society of Southwest Missouri - 417-833-2526

Springfield Animal Control - 417-833-3592

Castaway Animals Rescue Effort - (417) 875-6565

Republic Animal Control - 417-732-3190

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