Leigh’s Lost and Found: Local rescues overwhelmed by crazy kitten season thanks to the pandemic

Updated: Jun. 24, 2021 at 10:30 AM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - In today’s Leigh’s Lost and Found, kitten season is here in the Ozarks and worse than ever before.

The Covid pandemic seems to have affected everything, including the number of kittens being born in the wild.

At Watching Over Whiskers headquarters, there are kittens in the conference room, more kittens in the hallways and even more kittens in their own special enclosure.

“This is probably the worst year I’ve seen yet.”

W.O.W. founder Marci Bowling is pretty sure she knows why.

She tells us, “last year, a lot of the vet offices didn’t do surgeries in April, part of March and part of May. So if you think about, that’s normal kitten season when people would be taking in moms and kittens to get fixed.Pretty soon, the cats that weren’t fixed in March and April and May had those litters. Those litters had litters in November, who then had litters in January, who then again had litters this spring.”

Of the 160 or so cats under W.OW.’s care right now, 70 of them are kittens.

“It’s very hard and very stressful to talk to people on the phone and through email and not be able to help them, and be like, we’re way overfull, we’re over capacity. I call it catpacity, we’re way over catpacity.”

Marci says it’s a problem that adoption alone won’t fix. It takes cat owners and the community as a whole to invest in spay and neuter.

“For those stray cats you see in your neighborhood, for the actual feral ones, trap, neuter, return. Get them fixed. You’ve got to stop the madness before it begins.”

Marci says that, along with the three F’s, are crucial to the solution.

“Fosters, funding and forever homes. They’re super critical. It takes all three to run a place like Watching Over Whiskers and we desperately need all of the above.”

If you interested in becoming a kitten foster out would like to meet some of the cute adoptable kittens, click on the link below to Watching Over Whiskers’ website.

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