Springfield city leaders reflect on Clean Green SGF initiative

Published: Jul. 2, 2021 at 5:02 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Clean Green Springfield initiative has wrapped up for 2021 after hundreds of volunteers served over 1,800 hours to help clean up the city.

Just a few months ago, Springfield was dealing with a major trash problem. Groups of volunteers stepped up to help clean up.

“The public response was just amazing. It was actually exceeding our expectations,” said Cora Scott with the City of Springfield. “Although I think people were really ready to get out and help one another, help the community. It was a safe activity to do coming out of the pandemic, and it was outside, so we were just happy to see that everyone has such a good time.”

Here are some of the numbers:

  • 900 volunteers
  • 19 tons of litter removed from streets, streams, trails, and neighborhoods
  • $80,000 was budgeted for the initiative ($20,000 was used)
  • 197 mattresses, 1560 tires, 250 televisions, and 5 tons of electronics were disposed or recycled

“It feels really great to know that people have ownership of their community because when you have ownership, you know that people really care about where they live. And we want this to be a great place for everyone to live, play, work and visit. So it was just really rewarding to be a part of it.” said Scott.

It’s not all about litter on the streets. Hundreds of people disposed of their mattresses, electronics, and tires, keeping these items out of illegal dumpsites. But the work isn’t completely done.

“Trash tents accumulate right back where it happened before and in other places. So we are happy that we taught people a little bit about the importance of getting that picked up, and hope that they’ll make sure that it’s maintained,” said Scott.

The adopt-a-street and adopt-a-stream programs are still accepting volunteers for long-term commitments.

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