Renters struggling to find apartments in Springfield

Across Springfield, apartment companies are keeping busy as its units are in high demand.
Published: Jul. 6, 2021 at 4:50 AM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Apartment companies across Springfield are keeping busy with units in high demand.

TLC Properties recently hired an additional 30 employees because of how busy they’ve been across the board.

Lance Lloyd with TLC Properties says out of their 25 plus complexes, the majority of them are nearly filled up with waiting lists. He said a big factor is construction costs. There are fewer homes being built, so more people are looking to rent. He said homeowners are also selling their property and moving into apartments.

Lloyd says 25% of their renters are college students. If he could give a piece of advice to those looking to rent, he says to start now.

”If you’re looking to move your student, the semester is coming, so definitely start looking now,” said Lloyd. “If you’re looking to move in August, September you want to start at least three months ahead.”

Emily Bottorf lives in Springfield, but works in Branson. Over the past few months, she has been looking at apartments in Ozark, Nixa and other places.

Bottorf said the majority of apartments are full, but if they have openings it is out of her budget. She said one apartment required $600 with the application before you were even available to tour the complex. Bottorf said it is hard to justify price and location over finding a safe place to live.

”Apartments have signs posted on their buildings that say like now leasing and stuff,” said Bottorf. “It’s like okay, no you’re not leasing because you have no availability. Or if you are leasing, you’re charging everyone an arm and a leg or expecting the deposit up front with the application before you even guarantee anybody an apartment.”

Lloyd believes as the cost of construction begins to go down, more renters will be able to find openings with either an apartment or a home.

Across Springfield, apartment companies are keeping busy as its units are in high demand.

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