Pierce City pool opens after flood damage is repaired

Published: Jul. 8, 2021 at 5:13 PM CDT
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PIERCE CITY, Mo. (KY3) -The pool in Pierce City is finally open after flood damage delayed the start of the season.

After a storm caused a nearby creek and pond to rise, the pool was filled with mud, debris, and a few living creatures. Pierce City Public Works crews spent weeks getting the pool cleaned out and ready for summer. The pool was set to open Fourth of July weekend but as the final clean-up efforts were made, crews had to overcome one more setback.

“Got it all cleaned up and painted started filling it and once the water got to a certain level where we were able to turn on the pumps, we turned on the pumps, and it looked like a pond again,” said Public Works Manager Justin Noone.

The plumbing was full of mud and debris. When Noone turned on the filter system that mud backwashed into the pool water filling every corner with dirt again. Crews worked day and night, getting all the dirt out of the water.

“I felt a little discouraged at some points but I was always taught to keep on going,” said Noone.

Pool and city employees spent hundreds of hours getting the pool ready to open. Swimmers were able to dive in Monday afternoon. The kids say they are excited to start swimming.

Twelve-year-old Clayton Morris has been waiting to swim in the pool and hang out with friends.

“I was pretty happy. Since the pool opened, I’ve been [swimming] every day except for one,” said Morris

Clayton and his friend Tammy Harkins like to go swimming as often as they can. Before the pool reopened, they would spend time at the creek.

“The creek is really cold. The pools not as cold and there’s more stuff to do than at the creek but this is actually still pretty fun and you get to hang out with your friends,” said Harkins

Lifeguards are also happy to see swimmers back in the water.

“It’s actually pretty fun. It’s been quite the wait but it’s fun now that it’s open and we’re having a good time.” said lifeguard Madi Tendell.

Since the pool couldn’t open until this week, the season has been extended through Howdy Neighbor Days which takes place August 11-14.

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