Renters struggle to find housing for young professionals in Springfield, Mo.

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Published: Jul. 12, 2021 at 9:01 AM CDT
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Several apartment complexes are under construction across the Ozarks, but it is still not enough for some renters struggling to find a place to live. Macy Carter said it is hard to find an apartment that caters to young professionals. Carter is 20-years-old and is looking for an apartment that is within her budget and in a safe location.

“It’s just so hard because you fall through the cracks,” said Carter. “I guess it’s in between you’re not going to college, you can’t get college housing and and you don’t have a family. “I already paid for all my bills, but I still live at home. It is not by choice, you get that stereotype,” said Carter.

Over the past three months Carter has applied to several apartments and paid hundreds of dollars in rental fees and is getting turned down because of no availabilities. She’s also getting turned down because she doesn’t have the proper credit score.

”They tell you to wait six months and recommend just getting your credit up or a cosigner,” said Carter. “Some people don’t have a cosigner or you offer an extra deposit and they don’t do that. “About a year ago I got into a car accident and I applied for the same apartments and they’re like, oh, we can’t approve you when they approved me a year ago. I don’t understand my credit is a lot better than it was a year ago and they’re like, you don’t have rental history and I’m like you have to take a chance on me.”

A new complex for those 55-years-old and above is being built on Grant Avenue. There is also a new complex being built in Republic. A new complex that caters toward young professionals will be built on East Battlefield in Springfield.

A spokesperson with TLC Properties said the demand for apartment rentals is high because of the housing boom.

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