Driver arrested for DWI after crashing through historic cemetery in Republic, Mo.

Published: Jul. 13, 2021 at 4:22 PM CDT
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REPUBLIC, Mo. (KY3) - A driver faces a DWI after crashing into a cemetery fence in Republic.

Police say the driver was speeding near Miller and Lynn. The driver ran through the fence of Lindsey Chapel Cemetery around 7 p.m. Monday. A neighbor living near the cemetery heard the crash while he was outside with his neighbors.

“I heard this crunching sound that was very unusual,” said Mark Chiles. “Shortly after I heard the engine rev up as I was turning to come over and look. I saw this small gray SUV come to a complete stop not far from over here near this tree just to the right of the tree after hitting the fence.”

Chiles says he saw the man driving the vehicle placed in handcuffs and the man in the vehicle was coherent when he checked to see if he was ok.

“It’s remarkable that they were able to get up hill through this fence and then through so many monuments and all the way back here as they did. It’s even more miraculous is that when he came to a complete stop I was able to look at the driver and talk with him and he seem to be not hurt,” said Chiles.

According to the Lindsey Chapel Cemetery website, its history dates back to 1846. The cemetery had its beginning with the earliest known grave and tombstone for Mary C. Robertson, born Dec 5, 1845 and died April 26, 1846.

“There’s a lot of monuments and I really don’t know how they’re going to handle the cleanup of that either. Some of these monuments are very old and there is one that was damaged in the the date of death is 1888 and it has a Freemason logo on it,” said Chiles.

Chiles has two children and explained how many drivers need to slow down on the main road because there is too many that speed for well-being of families and their safety.

“This neighborhood has a lot of families, a lot of children and a lot of small children. It is not unusual for families and their kids to be riding their bikes up and down the street and to walk along the sidewalk over here. It is important people remember the speed limit is 30,” said Chiles.

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