Springfield man charged with beating pregnant girlfriend to death claims innocence during police interview

Published: Jul. 13, 2021 at 10:31 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Tuesday marked the second day in a Springfield man’s double murder trial.

Derik Osborn is accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend, Valerie Williams, to death, March 1, 2017.

Osborn’s initial police interview, recorded just hours after Williams was taken to the hospital with a brain injury that took her life, was played for the court.

“It was a freak deal. I swear to God I did not push her I did not do anything to her to make her hit that ground,” he said to detectives.

He describes to police what he says happened early that morning.

“She tried to catch her breath. I got by her, I listened, I didn’t hear her breathe and I freaked out. I didn’t know if it was her lipstick or what but her lips were, like, purple. Then I just called 911,” explained Osborn.

Trauma surgeon, Dr. Matt Simpson, examined Williams that morning.

He says her injuries were not consistent with an accident.

“For those kinds of skull fractures and intracranial hemorrhage it takes a pretty significant force,” he said.

But Osborn’s defense attorney offered a different theory, one that was deemed highly unlikely by Simpson.

Stuart Huffman said, “There are also studies out there, bio mechanical, engineering, bio mechanical aspects that talk about falls smaller than six feet that end up killing somebody or creating, causing death. Would that be correct?

“I think they’re not generally in younger people. We’ll see those falls in elderly patients where they fall from a standing position, on a blood thinner, they’ll get a localized subdural hematoma or something like that. But we don’t see the generalized, horrid, like the big wide spread trauma to the brain like we did in her,” answered Simpson.

Medical experts testify that Williams was likely dead before she got help.

“After everything that’s happened I very much care for her well being but I’m just very hurt and scared,” said Osborn during the police interview.

Osborn’s trial will continue Wednesday with more witnesses for the state.

He is currently out on bond.

Osborn faces life in prison if convicted.

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