Police investigate series of break-ins in northwest Springfield subdivision

Published: Jul. 30, 2021 at 9:29 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - A series of car thefts, vandalism, and break-ins happened early Wednesday morning in a northwest Springfield subdivision.

The damage left many residents in shock, including Stacy Jones.

“A little paranoid,” said Jones. “I have children, so if they come out during the day and even at night, who knows, little paranoid.”

The thief opened up Jones’ car and took random things such as a car seat, air fresheners, kids electronics, and other items.

Jones thought this was random, but then other neighbors had the same problems.

“So we woke up the next morning came outside, our van door was left open so my husband was questioning why it was left open,” said Jones. “That’s when some of our neighbors were outside and we had realized that someone had broken into the vehicles.”

On Jones’ security camera footage, you can clearly see someone shining lights into cars and opening their door.

You can also see the thief at another neighbor’s house. That neighbor, Robert Burkholder, isn’t surprised about the stealing.

“Not really, there’s been issues before. It’s happened, but it’s rare,” said Burkholder.

Other neighbors said on the same night someone jumped over their fenced backyard and tried to break their screens to their shed. Another said the crook tried to get into their RV.

Jones wants her neighbors to take all precautions in staying safe.

“If you don’t have a camera get one. It may not catch someone then, but it will eventually get them,” said Jones.

And Burkholder took that advice.

“We’re going to be getting security cameras in the front of our house,” said Burkholder. “I have an aging father-in-law that lives next door to us, so we want to be able to make sure that he’s safe and everything.”

Now, residents hope they can stop this before it happens again.

“Going to have a neighborhood watch here. I do believe we do have a couple signs up, so hopefully there are more people looking out for that kind of stuff around here,” said Jones.

The Springfield Police Department is investigating the break-ins.

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