Leigh’s Lost and Found: A missing Cockatiel flies to the perfect person and is saved!

This lost Cockatiel was found safe after four days!
This lost Cockatiel was found safe after four days!(KYTV)
Published: Aug. 11, 2021 at 11:52 AM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - In today’s Leigh’s Lost and Found, one woman thought her chances of getting her pet back had flown out the window.

The woman’s Cockatiel got away from her at the end of June and she’d about given up hope of finding her alive, until she spied a post on the Leigh’s Lost and Found facebook page.

“These birds are passed around and people just don’t know how to are for them.”

Glitterbee is one of Dejean O’Bryan’s 10 Cockatiels. and when transferring her from the outside aviary to the inside one, she flew off.

“She flew above the house and my heart sunk. And I knew once she got out there was no way to get her back.”

Glitterbee was just hatched back in December.

“She’s only seven months old, really young. She hasn’t even gone through her first molt, so all of her feathers are her baby feathers and not nearly as strong.”

That was back on June 28th. Despite her slim hopes, Dejean posted on the Leigh’s Lost and Found page.

“The first thing I did was post it there.”

And soon after, she saw a post from college student, Anthony Swodoba. He’d found Glitterbee a couple of miles away. But since it was the July 4th weekend, she wasn’t able to get a hold of him until four days later.

“Waiting until I heard back on Monday morning, he’s a college student you know, it was a jump for joy moment for sure.”

And Glitterbee sure picked the right person to fly to. Anthony took exceptional care of her for those four long days.

“She was probably on her last leg when he found her. Not only did he take good care of her, I think that he loved her and I think that love is what made her heal so fast because she was exhausted.”

“I feel really blessed about the whole thing and Anthony and that particular young man and his heart for animals and just the way it all played out, it’s really a miracle.”

If you have a lost or found animal you need to submit, just visit the Leigh’s Lost and Found facebook page and follow the instructions pinned to the top.

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