Teachers prepare to have students back in the class full time

Published: Aug. 12, 2021 at 7:28 AM CDT
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Due to COVID-19, some students may be in a classroom for the first time this year. Kindergarten students at Springfield Public Schools started their first year of school with both virtual and in-person learning last year.

“It’s very situational and every student is going to be different,” said 1st grade teacher Danae Rader. “The pandemic has affected some more than others and other students maybe not at all.”

Rader said in person learning has more benefits for those first time students. She said they get personal support with reading, decoding words and group interaction.

Rader says first grade is a growing year for students as they become fluent with their reading. She is preparing to help fill in any gaps when the school year starts on August 23.

”Either we’re providing retention for some students who maybe missed some of those key components or key skills in kindergarten,” said Rader. “Then we’re providing enrichment for our students who may have not been affected by the pandemic, academically. We always have social and emotional support for all of our students. The pandemic has been hard on kids, parents and families.”

Rader said the best thing parents can do is to get their kids ready for the routine of a full day in school. She said whether your child is struggling or succeeding it is important to have good communication with their teacher.

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