Moms and Money: Imaginasium

Imaginasium is an indoor playground located in south Springfield.
Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 10:09 AM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Inside a rainbow colored room in south Springfield, toddlers reign supreme. Despite the sheer energy bouncing off the walls, we’re not in a gymnasium but Imaginasium.

“When families come in they’re going to find a indoor playground with tons of interactive toys to play with, lots of playground equipment, things for children to climb on swings, slides” said Mandi Pilkinton, the owner of Imaginasium.

Located on South Campbell, the owner Mandi Pilkinton said she designed the space for kids eight and under.

“I think what sets us apart is that we are good for all the way from walkers and toddlers on up. Everything in here, a walker or a kid can do. So if you bring your toddlers on up to preschool age, everything in here they can do” said Pilkinton.

It was a natural step for Pilkinton who closed her in-home daycare three years ago.

“I enjoy interacting with them. You’re not going to catch me typically just sitting at the front desk. You’re going to catch me playing with the kids, interacting with them because that’s what I enjoy” said Plinkton.

Pilkinton, a mother herself, said she wanted a space where parents can relax while their children play.

“When I was selecting pieces to put in here, my thought process was I wanted somewhere parents could take their kids to get their wiggles out so to speak. I wanted them to be able to run and play and parents didn’t have to worry about them getting hurt. I wanted them to come and have somewhere in the summertime when it’s 100 degrees outside and not have to go to the park and sweat or in the wintertime they could come and not be cold” said Pilkinton.

Opening her doors during a pandemic also had some unknowns for Pilkinton.

“With us just opening in June in the summertime, I wasn’t exactly sure how it would go but things have been going fabulous. I’m really looking forward to the future” said Pilkinton.

Children under the age of two are $5 and children two and up are $8. Parents are $3, on weekends those prices go up by $2. They also have monthly and yearly memberships available as well as host birthday parties and other events.

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