Springfield Public School prepares to aid learning gaps after summer and virtual learning

Published: Aug. 25, 2021 at 9:02 AM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Learning gaps happen every year after students return from summer break, but this year Springfield Public School leaders are preparing for any larger or smaller gaps that virtual learning put into play.

According to the district, it has multiple measures in place to measure strengths and areas of concern.

“The teachers are going to utilize student’s data to make the best instructional decisions,” said SPS Deputy Superintendent of Academics Dr. Nicole Holt. “We are going to provide targeted intervention to quickly aid those learning gaps.”

SPS uses an internal assessment. It aids those learning gaps quickly. SPS is investing money and resources to bring in five coaches for mathematics and has a new intervention program in the works.

“We are prioritizing academic interventions because we know there are likely going to be gaps this year,” said Dr. Holt.

Springfield Public Schools will not start these assessments until students are settled.

“We can’t do anything brain-wise until the kids feel safe, secure, and connected,” said Dr. Holt. “We spend our first couple of days and week doing this, and then our teachers will dig right in.”

The district is offering tutoring before and after school through a program called “Encore.” Club Encore enables students in elementary and middle school needing additional learning opportunities in reading and math to increase their opportunity for success,.

According to Dr. Holt, the most important thing they are stressing is they are aware every year students come back at a variety of learning levels, but they do realize that those learning gaps could be bigger or even smaller.

“Regardless of where our kids are coming in at, we are taking multiple measures to gauge where the kids are at mastering their grade levels content,” said Dr. Holt.

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