Leigh’s Lost and Found: Missing pup found after five long months!

Leigh's Lost and Found
Published: Sep. 1, 2021 at 2:30 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - In our Leigh’s Lost and Found today, a great reminder to use every resource you can when looking for a lost pet.

Oscar went missing back in late March, but his owner refused to give up on finding him. That perseverance paid off big time.

“This is where he likes to be.”

Oscar is back where he belongs, snuggling next to his mom, after missing for five, long months.

His owner Delaney Hulse says, “me and my best friend sat in this living room and just cried forever about it.”

Oscar disappeared from her Grand Flats apartment after letting him out to potty.

“I did all of that posting online. I posted on your page, just like all over social media, all over the internet and posted like 200 fliers all around town.”

Weeks turned into months, and no word. Delanie tried hard to stay hopeful.

“I kept his toy basket for a really long time and I still have his old harness. I was really holding on to everything.”

And she’s now glad she did. A couple of weeks ago, a woman called and told Delaney she had Oscar and had been calling him Rocky.

“She said that her ex boyfriend’s friend had gifted him to her.”

The woman wasn’t on social media but happened to see one of the fliers one day.

“She saw my flier and saw the date on it that he’d been missing since March 20th, so she was like holy cow and then went through your page to see if she could find the matching flier.”

Oscar is thrilled to be home and letting everyone know it. Delaney has some advice for other pet owners missing their dogs.

“Saturate as much as you can. And even though my social media presence about it had died down, I left the fliers up, just in case.”

She’s hoping it will bring about more happy reunions like hers.

“The first couple of nights I wasn’t sleeping through the night. I was waking up and thinking is he still here, is this real, I can’t tell. I was afraid I was going to wake up and it was a dream. It’s been so exciting.”

You can submit a lost or found animal to the Leigh’s Lost and Found page by clicking the link below.

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