Moms and Money: Fassnight Creek Farm

Fassnight Creek Farm offers U-pick flower bouquets in addition to their other goods.
Published: Sep. 9, 2021 at 10:00 AM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - An early morning stroll before the late summer Missouri heat kicks in. We’re at a literal urban oasis, Fassnight Creek Farm.

“Well, it’s about three or four minutes away from Bass Pro Shop. “What?” they say you know, so it is uniquely positioned, and we have some fantastic customers,” said Dan Bigbee, the owner of Fassnight Creek Farm. “We love people to come out and enjoy basically the country right here in the middle of the city.”

Fassnight Creek Farm is about 15 acres in size and sits just off busy Sunshine St. in Springfield.

“And it’s pretty typical of Missouri. I mean, the people that came here, they found live water, they found bottom ground, they found some upper ground that they can either graze or grow with different crops,” said Bigbee. “We also have five acres of woods on the property and we’ve cut some paths into trails.”

There is any number of things to see, do or purchase at the farm, depending on the tie of year. Berry season has already passed but sunflowers are in full bloom right now.

“One of our latest additions is that we’ve grown a lot of flowers and sold cut bouquets,” said Bigbee. “More and more, we’re allowing people to come cut their own. They seem to get a lot of joy out of walking the field and being able to select their own flowers.”

It’s easy to get lost in the task of building in your bouquets which is something Bigbee said he wants for his customers.

“If you just let yourself walk in the woods, get down by the creek, watch the butterflies and bees on the flowers, nature has a way of healing just about any problem that you have,” said Bigbee.

Sunflowers are just $1 a stem. Some of the premium flowers, like Cockscombs, are between $1 and $5. Soon Fassnight Creek Farms will have pumpkins and other fall goods. Check out their Facebook page here to learn more.

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