Barry County Mo. Sheriff’s Office reports several car break-ins at Exeter Corn Maze Saturday

Published: Sep. 21, 2021 at 3:49 PM CDT
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EXETER, Mo. (KY3) - Crime is spoiling family fun at the Exeter Corn Maze after thieves broke into several cars.

Exeter Corn Maze Owner Artie Cole says he would never think something like this would happen. And It’s never happened. Cole says a man stole debit cards from a few cars over the weekend and used the cards to get into the maze and purchase things.

”This happened in broad daylight, it was between one and three o clock,” Cole said.

Cole says they are disappointed because customers are their top priority.

“This is strictly a family deal and everybody just wants to come out and have fun, we’re still pretty aggravated about it and we want this guy to be caught,” Cole said.

Barry County Sheriff Danny Boyd says his office received four reports of stolen items.

”That’s why we put on our Facebook page to contact us because a lot of folks won’t know until they get home that they’re missing a card,” Sheriff Danny Boyd said.

Boyd says they do have a video of the man they think committed the crimes.

”We got a subject’s name, he’s from the Joplin area, so we are working on that currently,” Boyd said.

He says car break-ins like this can happen anywhere.

”Anything, where there are several vehicles that are gonna be parked for a certain amount of time,” said Cole.

The cars that were broken into were unlocked.

”It’s highly recommended that you lock your doors, keep your windows rolled up if you have any kind of personal items in your car such as a purse a cellphone even change setting in your ashtray the best policy would be to put it in your trunk and lock it,” said Boyd.

Sheriff Boyd says it is not up to the corn maze to file a police report for missing items, so if you notice something missing immediately contact the sheriff’s office.

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