Deputies arrest chief of police in Highlandville, Mo. accused of domestic assault

Published: Sep. 21, 2021 at 4:10 PM CDT
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OZARK, Mo. (KY3) - Deputies arrested the chief of police in Highlandville, Mo. accused of domestic assault.

Jackie Dale Weeks, Jr., faces a felony third-degree domestic assault charge.

Investigators say Weeks and his girlfriend were arguing in a car when he put her in a chokehold.

“Deputies gathered information on the scene of what had happened from both parties,” said Christian County Sheriff Brad Cole. “Subsequently a further investigation was conducted.”

Christian County deputies found an area of redness on the victim’s neck and chest, according to court records. Investigators also say he took her keys and walked away. He later returned with them.

Sheriff Cole said the situation becomes a bit complex when the suspect is a part of law enforcement.

“What’s important to understand is he is a citizen just like you and I and there are laws we have to abide by,” Sheriff Cole said. “He is the Highlandville police chief, but he is also a citizen in this state in the United States and he is required to obey the laws of this state and the United States. A lot of times people have the persona that just because it’s a law enforcement officer different actions are going to be taken. And it’s important to know we hold our people accountable for their actions whether they are a law enforcement officer or not.”

A city spokesperson told KY3 Weeks is currently on paid administrative leave.

Sheriff Cole said the Christian County Sheriff’s Office will assist Highlandville as needed during this time.

“We will handle calls inside the city of Highlandville just like we always do when they don’t have an officer on duty,” he said. “They are not a 24-hour law enforcement agency. So we typically handle a lot of calls inside the city of Highlandville when they come in. It might increase our call volume, but the citizens of Highlandville can be assured the (Christian County). Sheriff’s Office will take care of whatever needs they may have.”

The city currently has seven other police officers, in addition to Chief Weeks.

“We are keeping all options open at this time,” a city of Highlandville spokesperson told KY3 in a statement. “We will do what is necessary to make certain that the citizens of Highlandville are safe.”

The city also says it is currently “going through the proper channels with the thought that all people, law enforcement or otherwise, are innocent until proven guilty.”

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