MoDOT repairs barrier to U.S. 65/60 Interchange after a semi-truck crashes through it

Published: Sep. 22, 2021 at 3:32 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - MoDOT repaired the broken barrier on U.S. 65/60 Interchange after a semi-truck crashed through it on September 21.

MoDOT said the repairs started Tuesday night.

Brad Gripka, MoDOT’s resident engineer, said emergency responders had to issue a critical lift to get the semi-truck off the highway.

“It was hanging a little bit over the barrier wall when we did pick it up, so the emergency responders did have to pick it up and then remove it,” said Gripka. “So there was a critical lift for them.”

Gripka said critical lifts are not often used in the Ozarks.

“It’s kind of a special lift, you just can’t crawl out there, when it’s hanging six feet over the barrier wall,” said Gripka. “So it makes it a special lift and a lot of training for them to do that.”

MoDOT officials said it took crews around 45 minutes to get the truck down with cables and tow trucks. Crews then had to clean up the diesel and oil that spilled.

Gripka said contractors came out Wednesday to chisel out the damaged barrier wall and fill it with concrete to get it back to normal standards. Gripka also said the barrier did what it’s supposed to do, as it’s the standard across Missouri.

“So it did its job,” said Gripka. “We put them on all bridges and that’s what it’s there to protect the traveling public. It’s a standard that we have with MoDOT in all of our barrier walls and all of our bridges.”

MoDOT engineers said to make the barriers higher, that has to go through the Federal Highway Administration.

Gripka also asks the public to stay calm when driving through this area.

“Take their time, and when going through this work zone, in this lane closure, it’s a tight configuration there,” said Gripka. “We just asked everyone, to have some patience, and to slow down through this work zone.”

Springfield Police Department had no updates on the condition of the truck driver involved in the flyover crash.

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