Conway, Mo. girl gets a big surprise after winning the state vaccine lottery

Published: Sep. 22, 2021 at 9:36 PM CDT
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CONWAY, Mo. (KY3) - A Conway teenager got a big surprise and quite a big win on Wednesday after she learned that she was one of the lucky winners of the MO VIP program.

The state announced its third round of vaccine lottery winners on Wednesday night, right around when one Conway girl got the news from her mom.

Randelle Hawkins came out of cheer-leading practice when her mom asked her if she remembered when she entered the Missouri vaccine contest. Randelle froze a little bit and said yes. When her mother told her she was one of the lucky winners, her jaw dropped in shock. She had a total loss for words as her smile lit up.

Her mom found out a few weeks ago, but has kept her lips sealed until now.

”We’ve been holding it in, not telling anybody for the longest time so it was so hard to not tell her,” said Randelle’s mom Jessica Hawkins.

Randelle’s mom, who works at KY3, said she thought the call might be a case for “On Your Side” at first, but she quickly realized it was no scam.

”First we got a phone call and I thought this might be a scam,” she said. “But then I heard MO VIP winner, I was like, ‘wait a minute this might be legit.’ “

Randelle now joins a list of other Missourians to receive a $10,000 scholarship towards college.

”I was blank first because my mind had no idea for a second and then I thought of it and it was cool,” Randelle said.

She said she is pretty stunned that she actually won.

”Because there are thousands of people that could’ve gotten it, and not them, but it was me,” Randelle said.

Both she and her mom said the motivation for the vaccine was not about them or any prize.

”I wanted to be safe with them, for me my family I live with, my aunt and everyone,” Randelle said.

And even though Randelle is several years out from college, her parents are overjoyed about the news.

”It’s really exciting because my husband and I have three daughters,” Jessica Hawkins said. “So that’s three colleges to pay for. So this is going to be a huge help.”

A total of 180 people win each round. Half of the winners are student scholarships. The next drawing will be this Friday. The deadline to apply is Wednesday night at 11:59 pm.

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