Springfield Public Works already preparing for winter storms

Published: Sep. 23, 2021 at 4:53 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Fall has just arrived, but Springfield Public Works is in the final stages of its winter preparations.

Public Works officials say they already prepped 9,000 tons of road salt and have 30 drivers at the ready to plow the roads.

Colten Harris, the superintendent of streets for Springfield Public Works, said the city is very prepared for the winter.

”Pretty good place right now with having all of our salts and only have a few trucks left to get checked,” said Harris. “Right about now is really whenever, we’re feeling good about being finished.”

Harris also said the pandemic made getting mechanical parts for machinery and trucks difficult.

“One thing that happened, in order to get all the salt in this dome, we use a conveyor belt and we had to get parts for that,” said Harris. “It took a little longer, which was a little tense at the moment because we didn’t know, how long it would take.”

Harris said this caused moments of stress even with Public Works starting their preparations earlier than normal.

“I get a little nervous,” said Harris. “I want us to make sure, that like I said, we can provide that public safety service and make sure that we’re ready whenever the snow events come.”

Even in a shortage, in some areas of the country for snowplow drivers, Harris said they have all the jobs accounted for.

“We have our full capacity to be able to meet what are our typical demands are for snow removal,” said Harris.

But Harris said if things don’t go as planned, they will have aid so the roads are safe.

“If we’re starting to reach our limits, then we’ll begin to recruit more individuals just within our own Department of Public Works,” said Harris. “We kind of go out from there, depending on how bad things are. But right now we expect to be able to meet whatever, whatever comes.”

Public Works officials said they also have a sister agency that will come to help if the city needs it during winter storms.

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