Lebanon family speaks out after hearing about arrest in Mason Sadler case

Court records show the 3-year-old boy had been left alone for more than an hour.
Published: Sep. 27, 2021 at 6:56 PM CDT
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LEBANON, Mo. (KY3) - A mother is speaking out after hearing the woman who was supposed to be caring for her son is now in jail following his death. Angela Coleman, who was supposed to be watching Mason, is charged with first-degree child endangerment.

“Amazing. It is amazing. Like happy, but not happy you know,” said Brenda Sadler, Mason’s mother.

Brenda misses her son, and so do her children.

”They are a mess, but they are going to school and handling it. That is what is keeping them going,” said Brenda Sadler.

From the beginning, the family says they knew something was off.

”We knew in our hearts something wasn’t sitting right,” said Kristy Cook, Mason’s aunt.

According to court documents and speaking with the sheriff, what Coleman told police on the day Mason died and what the officers figured out doesn’t add up.

”What she told us was not true and there was a real lack of supervision from the person who was supposed to be babysitting him,” said David Millsap, Laclede County Sheriff.

The person who was supposed to be babysitting the 3-year-old was in fact Angela Coleman.

Video surveillance shows the children alone for more than an hour after Mason’s father left the house. On the day the boy drowned, Coleman told police she went upstairs to go to the bathroom and then noticed Mason was missing. Nearly a month later, on September 24th, Coleman told a state investigator she went upstairs to sit on her bed and closed her eyes for a minute because she was “winded.”

Court documents show one of the children went upstairs to tell Angela that Mason was missing. She responded by saying, “Oh my gosh guys. If he dies it’ll be my fault.”

Angela Coleman is in the Laclede County Jail. She’s scheduled for a court later this week.

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