Leigh’s Lost and Found: How your tips helped track down a lost Great Pyrenees

Published: Oct. 6, 2021 at 2:44 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - In today’s Leigh’s Lost and Found, how a Springfield community came together to track down a missing dog.

Gypsy is just like her name, she likes to wander if she gets out of the house. But thanks to dozens of people on the Leigh’s Lost and Found facebook page, she wasn’t gone for very long.

Gypsy was at death’s door a couple of years ago when she showed up outside Catherine Harm’s house.

“She was 40 pounds and covered head to toe in ticks. She had a uterine infection and she had a lung infection and fever.”

Catherine used the Lost and Found page back then to track down Gypsy’s owner.

“This person, when they found out what the vet bills were going to be, suddenly the person said it wasn’t their dog.”

Gypsy has been Catherine’s ever since, so when she slipped out the front door a few weeks ago and took off, Catherine was devastated.

“She headed down toward Division and people started telling me where she was. It was about an hour later when I really couldn’t find her that I posted on Leigh’s Lost and Found that she was missing. Right away I started getting tips about where she was.”

She didn’t find her that night but the leads kept coming in.

Catherine says, “first thing in the morning I got a message she was at Bissett Elementary school so I drove down there. Then she took off to the stop sign. I got down there and somebody else directed me around the corner. I thought, she’s taking me on an adventure because the house, when I got around the corner, I realized it was a house where I had done a Habitat for Humanity build.”

Gypsy then showed up at LA wise park and then was spotted at Eden Village, before she ran to the Nichols Industrial park.

“There she was, just waiting for me. I opened the door, she hopped right in.”

Catherine credits the Lost and Found community for tracking Gypsy’s every move, keeping her out of traffic and ultimately, bringing her back home.

If you’d like to check out more happy reunions, go to the Leigh’s Lost and Found facebook page. Click on photos, then albums and choose the 2021 amazing success stories album.

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