400 capsules of fentanyl seized in recent Barry County drug bust

Updated: Oct. 8, 2021 at 8:04 PM CDT
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BARRY COUNTY, Mo. (KY3) - Members of the Ozarks Drug Enforcement Team and Barry County deputies seized nearly 400 capsules of suspected fentanyl in a recent drug bust.

The bust also led authorities to 15 grams of suspected meth and 570 grams of marijuana from a home in Butterfield Township.

ODET detectives arrested Christopher Youngblood, 37, and Terrie Tunis, 47, also known as Terrie Dunbar in the investigation. Both of the suspects are from Barry County.

Youngblood is charged with possession of a controlled substance and two felony counts of delivery of a controlled substance. Tunis is charged with possession of a controlled substance and delivery of a controlled substance.

ODET Commander Chad Allison says there has been an increase in overdose cases in the Barry County area, and hopes this investigation will slow down the trend.

“This trend has kind of been from St. Louis to Springfield, and then kind of feeding down through Joplin,” Allison says. “This area is kind of a hot spot right now.”

Allison says the number of overdoses has continued to rise over the last eight to nine months.

“They don’t really know what they’re taking because this isn’t coming from a lab or from a pharmacist,” Allison says. “These people are actually doing this on their own, so it’s not properly measured out.”

A probable cause statement explains Tunis admitted to detectives she got fentanyl from the St. Louis area and brought it back to Barry County to supply to Youngblood so he could sell it. Investigators say she admitted to supplying Youngblood with fentanyl in Sept. 2021 in exchange for money from the sales.

Allison says those 400 suspected fentanyl pills were expected to be delivered to around 200 people within the community.

Barry County Sheriff Danny Boyd hopes these arrests will deter people from bringing more drugs into the county.

“When you do arrest somebody like this, usually it has somebody else that comes in and takes over their spot, so it’s a continuing downfall,” Sheriff Boyd says.

Sheriff Boyd says the trend being seen in Barry County is more young people overdosing on fentanyl. That’s partly due to easy access to the drug.

The sheriff’s office is short seven deputies, which leaves them to patrol a large area with diminished resources. Sheriff Boyd says that’s why ODET’s help is so crucial.

However, a large issue with these cases is the ease with which people cross state lines.

“We’re in the southern corner of the state,” Sheriff Boyd says. “They have the luxury of if we’re on to them or we’re starting to investigate something at their house, they have the option of fleeing into Arkansas, which causes a problem for us. Being right here on the Arkansas line is a problem that we fight.”

Both Tunis and Youngblood are being held at the Barry County Jail. Youngblood’s bond is set for $75,000 and Tunis’s is set for $150,000.

If the public has any drug tips or information, they can contact ODET at 417-624-9365.

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