Prosecutor charges man for stabbing mother of his child at Mercy’s Surgery Center in Springfield

Published: Oct. 11, 2021 at 1:38 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - The Greene County prosecutor filed charges against a man arrested for stabbing a woman in the Surgery Center on the campus of Mercy Hospital in Springfield on October 8.

Charles D. Turner faces a first-degree domestic assault charge after stabbing the Mercy employee early Friday morning. Investigators say Turner is the father of the victim’s child. The victim worked in the ministry of the hospital. Investigators have not released her name. Police say she is in stable condition.

Turner turned himself in to police after the incident. Investigators say he claimed, “His head is not right.” They say he then asked for an attorney.

Investigators say Turner became upset he could not visit his daughter after splitting with the victim.

The stabbing investigation closed Mercy’s Surgery Center. The incident put the nearby hospital on lockdown. The incident resulted in Mercy staff contacting patients scheduled to be in the surgery building to reschedule or be sent to another location.

“The nature of health care is that our doors are open to everyone but unfortunately some take advantage of that,” said Mercy Spokeswoman Sonya Kullmann.

Harmony House, a domestic violence resource center in Springfield, explained warning signs of abuse at work.

“There are behavioral and physical signs people can show,” said Lisa Farmer with Harmony House. “Some victims have bruising and black eyes...others will start to skip work and be avoidant.”

For additional resources from Harmony House you can click here.

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