Camden County prosecutor files statutory rape charge against man; warns of internet crimes against children

Published: Oct. 12, 2021 at 10:46 AM CDT
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CAMDENTON, Mo. (KY3) - The Camden County prosecutor charged a man for sexual relations with a minor.

Trevan Mathew Isaacs, 22, faces a statutory rape charge. A judge set his bond at $100,000.

Investigators say Isaacs solicited images from the girl under the age of 14 via SnapChat in March. Investigators say they then met to have sexual intercourse. Investigators say Isaacs admitted to the act, knowing the girl was underage.

Isaacs faces a rape charge in Morgan County too.

Investigators say there has been an increase in internet crimes against children. Apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok are proving to be dangers for kids when it comes to them being exposed.

The Camden County Sheriff’s Office is seeing an increase in Internet crimes against children, also referred to as ICAC.

”We’ve had 45 cases last year, we’re already up to 33 cases this year. And we’re still seeing an increase in ICAC cases alone. I worked five last year, just as a generic ICAC situation. I’m already working 14 this year. It just tripled and we’re not through the year yet,” said Detective Corporal Jeremiah Burnett with the Camden County Sheriff’s Office.

With kids having access to more social media, they are at a bigger risk.

”The big part of that being, the more access they have to the phones, the devices, tablets, you name it, the more crimes are going to increase. Adults are learning that they can portray themselves as a child, another child will hop online and say, Oh, I can be your friend. You seem like a cool 10-year-old person. They’re not,” said Detective Corporal Burnett.

Cara Gerdiman works for KidsHarbor in Osage Beach. She says kids understand technology pretty well.

”Kids are pretty technology savvy when it comes to those apps, and knowing how to get into them, and how to use them, and even talking to their friends at school and their friends, teaching them different things about how to access and use those apps,” said Gerdiman.

While Snapchat poses as something that deletes photos right away, they don’t.

”Snapchat actually has what’s called photo DNA. So if a photograph comes through their program, that it believes to be child pornography, and it shows parts of the body that should not be shown, then it will actually freeze that image, it will hold that image and then alert us and we begin working a case, it will have username IP address locations, we have several more for that and what it does it notifies ICAC,” said Detective Corporal Burnett.

Investigators encourage parents to know what is on their child’s phone.

“One thing that we do add is that parents should actually go through the child’s phone through every one of their apps, because there are apps out there that they can hide photographs, they can hide certain things. It may look like a common app, but make sure you open it to make sure it’s that app because it could be certain things that you can hide in that application.”

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