Family of woman killed in road rage incident in Springfield still waiting for justice

Published: Oct. 12, 2021 at 9:46 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Nearly 3 years after a woman was killed in Springfield her family is waiting for justice.

Investigators say Elizabeth McKeown hit Barbara Foster’s car while she was driving along Campbell Avenue.

It all started as a minor fender bender but it ended in Foster’s death.

Tuesday another court hearing was held. According to online court records a trial date was supposed to be set. However, there’s been another delay.

Foster’s family says they’ve all but lost hope in the legal system.

“She was a pain in my butt growing up but she was still my sister and I love her to death,” said Foster’s brother Bob Ayers.

He says his sister’s death is something that still weighs heavily on him.

“I still have the text on my phone telling her happy birthday and don’t eat too much cake. That would have been the last time I spoke to her physically or via text,” he said.

According to police reports, McKeown rear-ended Foster while driving in traffic on November 20, 2018. McKeown told police Foster didn’t move fast enough and that she was in a rush to make her car payment. She then hit Foster after she got out of her car to inspect the damage. Police say if not for the other drivers nearby blocking McKeown’s car she may have gotten away.

All these years and many court hearings later McKeown still hasn’t faced a judge or jury.

Her mental status and blood work results, taken that night, are still unresolved according to online court records.

“It’s pretty frustrating for sure. I think my mom’s at her wits end. She just turned 80 last month. It’s taken its toll on her,” says Ayers.

The crime has also taken its toll on Foster’s former co-workers at a local optometrist’s office.

“I can’t believe it’s been three years and nothing’s come of it. It’s just really frustrating,” said Sarah Bossing.

She says a plaque with Foster’s picture gives them comfort.

“We miss her a lot. It’s a nice little reminder that she’s there. She’ll always be there. I use what she teaches me still every day,” she said.

Ayers says this brings comfort to Foster’s loved ones.

“The last time I was in there they said they were still finding little sticky notes that had her writing on it,” he said.

They say they are all still finding ways to heal.

“Some resolve one way or another is kind of where we’re at with it right now three years down the road. We’re still fighting for you kid. I wish she was here. We miss her every day,” said Ayers.

A series of physical and mental tests have been completed according to online court records.

A trial date for McKeown’s case could be set during a hearing at the end of this month.

She’s charged with first-degree murder and being held in the Greene County jail without bond.

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