Man, woman arrested for break-ins in Harrison, Ark.

Published: Oct. 20, 2021 at 5:55 PM CDT
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HARRISON, Ark. (KY3) - The Harrison Police Department arrested two residents from the Springfield area for a string of thefts in Harrison.

The prosecutor has not filed charges against the two. Police say they’ll face multiple felony charges including breaking and entering, theft by receiving, and forgery. The car break-ins happened Friday and Saturday evening at multiple Harrison locations, one of which was Jamie’s Restaurant.

“One of our employees that’s a waitress came out from working here all night and she had a shattered window,” said Dakota Akers, Jamie’s general manager. “Her purse was taken, she had a good amount of money in her purse, and it was all gone.”

The owners of Jamie’s Restaurant also own Buckets Sports Bar and Grill, which also had several reported break-ins, leaving many to wonder who was responsible.

”That’s not our community at all, it’s safe, you know you can keep your doors unlocked or pull up to any restaurant and know your car is going to be fine,” said Akers.

After calling the police, owners of Jamie’s Restaurant and Buckets Sports Bar and Grill went to their security cameras. Owners installed them at both restaurants a little more than a year ago.

”We looked at our cameras, had some good angles of the individuals. We sent it to the police department and they started working great with us,” said Akers. “You could see the Missouri license plates, you could see the car detail and could see him plain as day.”

Harrison P.D., with the help of social media, tracked down those responsible. Police declined to share the surveillance footage, but say it was beneficial in identifying those responsible.

According to the police, the two suspected thieves were staying in a hotel in Harrison for the weekend. Police later searched the room, finding credit cards, purses, and purchased items with receipts.

”This is a great community, we’re thankful for the Harrison Police Department and the community itself coming together and getting this situation resolved,” said Akers.

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