Sensory-friendly movies offered at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Published: Oct. 22, 2021 at 8:01 AM CDT
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The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is offering a sensory-friendly movie program for all abilities and ages. Alamo for All will include the lights partially on, volume turned down and talking or moving around is accepted. Assistant general manager Cameron Steele said the Alamo offered a similar program before the pandemic. He said it was so popular the cinema is bringing it back.

“Take some of the pressure and some of the stress off without worrying about having to take them out in the middle of the show because they’ve been talking too loud or you know they’ve been a little bit more of a distraction to the folks around them,” said Steele. “The stress is off here. We want you to be able to just sit back, have a good time and enjoy that experience with your family.”

Ozark mother, Kayla Rice has five children under the age of 13 and two of them have special needs. She said going to the movies can be a hassle when you’re keeping your kids seate and quiet. Plus, the bright colors and loud sounds can trigger sensory overload. Rice is excited that the Alamo is offering a movie program that will cater to her family’s needs.

”The kids can be a kid, but they also get to enjoy stuff that everybody gets to do,” said Rice. “It kind of works them up to maybe they could see a regular movie at some point. The parents aren’t stressed the whole time and they can enjoy the moment with their kids.”

Rice wants her children to be able to experience fun activities like the movies without judgement from other guests and in a relaxing environment.

“You always tell your kids to behave, but when you’re taking a special needs kid out you can tell them that but you can’t guarantee how they’re going to react to any situation,” said Rice. “Just knowing that everybody there knows we can have a meltdown mid-movie and nobody’s going to judge you. We’re all there to help each other and enjoy the movie with our kids.”

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