Cox Medical Center Branson’s new “safe house project” helping domestic violence victims

Published: Oct. 26, 2021 at 4:10 PM CDT
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BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) - Cox Medical Center Branson’s new safe house project is helping employees who may be victims of domestic violence.

The safe house kits are filled with items someone would need if they had to leave an unsafe environment in a hurry.

“Hygiene products, shampoo, conditioner, hairbrushes snacks for themselves and the kids, bottled water,” patient safety facilitator Angie Smith said.

The kits also contain information about domestic violence shelters and hotline numbers.

A butterfly symbol has been placed on the cabinet where the bags are located so staff knows where to pick them up.

”It is also on each sack they will pick up and those sacks are discreet, they’re in Walmart, Target-type sacks so they can grab it and go,” Smith said.

Smith says Chief Nursing Officer Lynne Yaggy always told staff stories about the butterfly effect.

”Where one person can change the world, can change the whole environment by loving and caring for somebody, spreading their wings if you will,” Smith said.

The cost of each kit was around $10 and that price was funded by the Skaggs Foundation.

Director of Community Relations Mindy Honey says they’ve covered the cost of 100 kits so far.

”We know that when people are fleeing from a situation they might not have that extra money to buy things or they need that money for something else,” Mindy Honey said.

Honey says having the items might also be the last step of bravery to flee a dangerous situation.

”Whatever it is, it’s definitely worth it to be able to make this possible for these people that need to flee for safety,” Honey said.

”We don’t know if some of our employees are living out of their cars, we just don’t know,” Smith said. “We want to make sure they know we care about them, they’re loved and we want to make them feel safe here.”

CoxHealth partnered with Harmony House. Employees will wear I-CARE buttons and stickers around the hospital on Friday to raise awareness of domestic violence.

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