Fact Finders: Viewer frustrated by *curse* the politician flags and signs

A number of you have noticed crass yard signs and flags flying in the Ozarks.
Published: Oct. 27, 2021 at 9:35 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) -A number of you have noticed crass yard signs and flags flying in the Ozarks. So, in Fact Finders, a viewer says children see this. What can be done?

A warning before you keep reading, we are talking about profanity in this story.

The City of Springfield told KY3 it does not have an anti-obscenities law that would prevent it. And the F-word would not rise to the level of obscenity as defined by the Supreme Court.

A University of Missouri law professor told me if the sign is on public property, you might be able to challenge it. That’s if your city or county has a sign ordinance for safety reasons that limit the size of the sign or how close to the road it sits.

But you won’t be able to challenge it for the profanity. If the curse the politician sign is on private property it gets even harder to challenge due to the First Amendment.

Professor Christina Wells did offer this suggestion. Turn it into a teaching lesson with your child.

“Use it as an opportunity to engage with our children. And it can be a talking point, to explain your values and why it is that you don’t think that those words should be used and why that person who’s doing those types of things, is not in line with what you think,” remarked Enoch H. Crowder Professor of Law Christina Wells.

Now, if you belong to a homeowner’s association you may have strict rules about signs. But Professor Wells says that’s a contract issue. It’s not a free speech debate.

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