Camden County Prosecuting Attorney wants laser scanner to help with prosecuting criminals

Published: Nov. 5, 2021 at 6:02 PM CDT
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CAMDEN COUNTY, Mo. (KY3) -The Camden County Prosecutor wants to acquire a laser scanner in order to better prosecute criminals.

The laser scanner would be able to record 2 million points of data and produce a 3D model of a scene that can later be used in court.

“It’s a matter of efficiency and accuracy,” said Camden County Prosecuting Attorney Caleb Cunningham.

Though the tool would not be cheap.

”So with the system, the software, the warranty and the training, this is an all-inclusive package that’s going to be about $100,000,” said Cunningham. “Of course, that gives everybody sticker-shock when you hear $100,000. We’re expecting the lifespan of this system to be about a decade and that includes five years of warranty, so if anything breaks, anything tears up, they’ll come fix it.”

Even though the money won’t come out of taxpayer dollars, the Camden County prosecutor still went to the commission for guidance.

”Anything that’s over $12,000, we bid out to the public. We’ve been researching this for quite a long time. This is the only one that makes the machine that does the requirements of the job that we want to perform,” said Cunningham.

One of the commissioners, James Gohagen, was concerned that there might not be enough money to cover it.

”I usually like to solicit at least three, just so you can get the expensive model, the middle of the road model, and then the cheaper one. I briefly looked some of those up, and I think the cheapest one I found was like $12,000. But again, I don’t know what they were really wanting. So I didn’t know what to look for,” said Gohagen.

Cunningham said the money will be coming out of two funds in his office, the citizen law enforcement relief fund and the bad checks fund.

“There are similar devices out there, but when we did the testing, when we did the comparisons only, it produces the system. Now we can do a single-source provider, and we would not have had to bid it. But in interest, in transparency and showing the public what we’re doing, we opened it up for public bid in case we missed something no one else answered.”

Right now, the push for a laser scanner is tabled with the commission.

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