Branson Board of Aldermen postpones the final reading of animal ordinance to January 11

Published: Dec. 1, 2021 at 4:42 PM CST
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BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) - City leaders in Branson have delayed a proposed new animal ordinance in Branson initially discussed more than two years ago.

The recommended changes for the animal ordinance were presented to the board of aldermen on November 9. These changes were based upon input from the public from numerous town hall meetings and study sessions. The board wanted to make sure the community had a chance to read the proposed changes before a final decision is made.

“If there are others in the community, that perhaps, don’t like this, well they should be here now; this is our moment,” said a Branson resident during the Board of Alderman meeting.

The Branson Police Department posted a link to the proposed ordinance changes to their Facebook page Tuesday. Branson Police Chief Jeff Matthews says one of the big changes is eliminating cats from the pet registration.

”We also eliminated the number of chickens that are allowed in a residential property,” Chief Jeff Matthews said.

Another significant change deals with feral cats.

”The proposed ordinance says it originally prohibited the feeding of feral cats. We’ve eliminated that provision from the new proposed ordinance based upon what the alderman told us,” said Chief Matthews.

The city recommends working towards a trap, spay, and neuter program for the feral cats in town. The 49-page proposed animal ordinance has sparked many mixed opinions from the public.

”I’m not here to harass anybody, I just don’t want more laws taking away my rights,” said one attending the meeting.

Others say they agree with many of the changes, including Shepherd of the Hills Humane Society Director Jayme Tabuchi.

”Those ordinances have not been updated for many, many years and a lot of them are just simply outdated,” Tabuchi said.

Tabuchi says one proposed change she sees as beneficial is a leash law.

Chief Matthews says staff have been working diligently on the proposed ordinance for the past year a half and thinks the community has had an opportunity to voice their concerns.

”Look at the proposed changes one more time and if they have any additional concerns please contact their alderman, said Chie Matthews.

The board is scheduled to vote on the second reading of the proposed new animal ordinance on January 11.

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