Camden County will soon get a new 911 system

Published: Dec. 1, 2021 at 5:56 PM CST
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CAMDEN COUNTY, Mo. (KY3) - Camden County will soon get an enhanced 911 system.

This new system will be even easier for dispatchers to give first responders your exact location.

”If you look on your cell phone, go to the maps, it’ll pinpoint where you are. So it’s going to less than let’s say five miles of triangulation,” said Lieutenant Chad Bailey with the Camden County Sheriff’s Office.

It’s an enhanced system that will be keeping up with modern times.

”So our new enhanced 911 system is digital. We’re moving away from the old analog system, it provides about 95% coverage,” said Bailey.

Camden County has some rural parts that can make it harder for first responders to communicate with dispatch while cutting down on response times.

”With this new system, not only is that going to help us with communications with deputies, but it is also going to help us make sure that we’re lessening the time for emergencies,” said Bailey.

Texting seems to be how many of us communicate. You’ll be able to text 911 if you aren’t able to call.

”Let’s say a residence has an intruder, well, they’re gonna hear you talking on the phone, but this is going to be capable of where you can text to 911,” said Bailey.

Another enhancement will be the ability to share video and photos of an incident with dispatch.

”Let’s say you’re a witness to an assault or some other significant crime, you could live-feed your video to our 911. You can take photographs and send them to our 911,” said Bailey.

Those photos will be able to be sent to the Prosecuting attorney to be used in court. This new system won’t cost taxpayers a dime.

”It’s great because we were able to buy with the ARPA funds,” said Sheriff Tony Helms.

He says this will benefit not only his office and first responders, but everyone in the community.

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