ON YOUR SIDE: Republic, Mo. firefighters discuss the need for carbon monoxide detectors

Published: Jan. 5, 2022 at 5:52 PM CST
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REPUBLIC, Mo. (KY3) - Firefighters across the Ozarks have concerns about alternative heating devices and leaks in your homes as the temperatures get frigid.

Nathan Bailey, a firefighter in Republic, said a carbon monoxide detector can save your life and in many areas, some houses are required to have them.

”They’re very essential because you can’t see it, you can’t smell it,” said Bailey.

Missouri is one of 23 states that doesn’t require carbon monoxide detectors statewide but leaves it up to the local level.

Many local towns that follow the fire code of having homes built after 2006 need to have a carbon monoxide detector. Regardless of the laws, Bailey said you need to have it.

“Some of the side effects or symptoms that you might experience from carbon monoxide poisoning are nausea, headache, and dizziness,” said Bailey. “So whenever you start feeling like that, those different symptoms, you need to get out of the house immediately.”

There are different options for alarms, such as dual smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, but Bailey said he prefers to have your alarms separated. You can find combos for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms for around $20. Dual alarms cost around $30.

You can’t smell or see carbon monoxide.

“Carbon monoxide could be present without even knowing it,” said Bailey. “So you could be around it and not even know it. That’s what we recommend that you have those in your home.”>

The Republic Fire department also said to not leave your car on with the garage door closed, because the carbon monoxide could seep into your house from the car.

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