On Your Side Scam: No, you did not win a grant

Published: Jan. 5, 2022 at 5:58 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - With prices up at the grocery store and gas pump, we could all use some extra cash. A business owner thought he stumbled across a great opportunity, but something did not seem right. That’s when he reached out to On Your Side.

Shawn Foe owns a painting business, hiring people who need a second chance. Foe received a Facebook message from a so-called agent from the Better Community Development Program. It says he won a $90,000 grant.

“With $90,000, shoot, we wouldn’t have to worry about anything,” said Foe.

He sent some info. Then he got an invoice. There’s a photo of his prepared shipment.

“Man, this is scary you know. Is it real? Is it not? That’s when I reached out to you because I needed to know for sure. Am I passing up an opportunity that could be major for our company? Or am I just another victim or could become another victim?,” said Foe.

On Your Side told him it’s a no-go. Here’s the biggest red flag. Foe was instructed to pay $300 to the ‘FedEx delivery team’. Remember, you should never have to pay to win. The process does not happen over Facebook.

You can report these scams to the Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, and On Your Side.

We’re seeing an uptick in this scam, probably because of the COVID-19 relief funds. Be sure you’re on ‘dot-gov’ websites and working with legit sources.

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