Leigh’s Lost and Found: do you recognize this bi-color eyed Husky/Lab mix?

This Husky/Lab mix was found on north Hillcrest in Springfield
This Husky/Lab mix was found on north Hillcrest in Springfield(kytv)
Published: Jan. 10, 2022 at 11:16 AM CST
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In today’s Leigh’s Lost and Found, our featured dog has a unique look to her.

She’s one of those dogs that has one blue and one brown eye so she’s recognizable, but there are some concerns she may have been abandoned.

Shelter coordinator Josh Doss says, “she was found in the 700 block of north Hillcrest, just kind of running loose in the area. The person who called us to let us know she was there thought she might have been dumped.”

Animal control does know someone did own her at one point. She was found with a collar on and a GPS tracker to follow her movements but there’s no way for the shelter to track back who bought it.

She’s a Lab/Husky mix, about four to five years old. She’s a little thin and her nails are grown, out so she might have been running loose for several days or longer.

If you recognize her or know anything, call animal control at 417-833-3592. There’s also a link to their website below and a link to the Leigh’s Lost and Found facebook page if you need to submit an animal.